Friday, March 27, 2015

Their way or the highway

Absolute, unquestioning support for Israel is merely the latest example of the far right's zeal for conformity.
Where past Republican leaders had their disagreements with Israel, today’s Republicans have made support for the Jewish state an inviolable litmus test for anyone aspiring to national office.
A "party strategist", Ron Bonjean, sums up the (so-called) thinking on the issue:
Any deviation on that, he said, leads to inevitable questions: “If you’re not supporting Israel, then who are you supporting? Are you supporting Iran?”
As with so many other issues, the far right insists on bumper-sticker sloganeering rather than comprehension, and confuses nuance with betrayal.

I suppose that for some it's comforting to know exactly where you should stand. You never have to question what you believe, you only have to worry about whether you believe it hard enough. Me? I'm full of questions. I often wonder whether I'm right. I know I'm human and therefore fallible. I'd rather have my errors corrected than to keep making them.

I don't consider being corrected to be a moral failing. I consider it a step toward becoming a better, more moral being.

You guys on the far right ought to wonder whether you're so perfect that you can afford to be so inflexible.

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