Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quick thoughts, 2015-03-10

  • It doesn't matter where you work, the rule is the same: work is done via work email. Why Hillary Clinton thought it was a good idea to use a domain she administered rather than the State Department, I'll never understand. It seems she won't be explaining herself to us any time soon, either.

    In this day and age, Mrs. Clinton, you expect us to believe you used the same account for discussing Iran and your daughter's wedding plans? Really?


    Excuse me while I enjoy a good, long laugh.

    As far as I'm concerned, this is enough reason to reject her as a presidential candidate. Next! Biden, you still interested? Even better: Bernie Sanders, can you lay out an agenda that will bring disenchanted progressives on board?

  • Speaking of disqualifications, let's talk about the 47 Republican Senators, including majority leader Mitch McConnell, who sent that dimwitted letter to Iran's leaders — not to any one of them in particular, but effectively "to whom it may concern".

    Or no, let's not talk about that. Let's just agree that it is one of the most childish political gestures ever made by a group of United States Senators.

    This idiotic letter wasn't going to change anyone's mind. It was intended solely as red meat to the Republicans' most rabid, most uninformed, and very likely most racist party faithful, who hate Barack Obama with a fervor it's impossible for the rest of us to comprehend (largely because they don't subscribe to facts).

    But this letter wasn't even good red meat. It was so crude that no one could take it seriously. Its low level of intelligence disgraced the Senate stationery on which it was printed.

    Senators, fling all the red meat you want to your constituents, but leave foreign governments out of it. Otherwise we're going to have to prosecute you. This dances right on the edge of sedition, you jackasses. Do we have to send a few of you to prison for you to understand just how badly you're behaving?

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