Friday, April 26, 2013

D.C. makes me sick

Congress wants air traffic to flow unimpeded in spite of sequestration.

I'm not going to plod through the details of why this was a massively stupid and irresponsible bit of bandaging; the article does a good enough job of that and I'm frankly too pissed to concentrate (in spite of being crazy 'bout the blues, as previously noted). Coming a week after Congress refused to countenance expanded background checks for gun ownership, I don't have the energy to argue rationally. I'm just going to vent, briefly.

Democrats, you caved. Your best leverage to get Congressional Republicans to bargain in anything close to good faith, and you fucking gave it away. I don't know what craven political considerations drove your decision, and at this point I don't care. You make me sick.

Republicans — well, what can I say that will make the least difference to you? As a party, you are beyond the pale. You long ago abandoned your responsibilities, adopting a philosophy that elevates not just reluctance to govern, but positive incompetence at the job, as the ideal for your elected officials. It's appalling and heartbreaking to watch your toxic brand of ignorance- and fear-based demagoguery corrode not just the machinery of governance, but the trust of the public in government. You, too, make me sick. The only difference between you and Democrats is, you've been making me sick longer.

President Obama, if you sign this bill (as seems likely), you will make me sick, too. But hey, you don't make me as sick as you would have a few years ago. I've had time to readjust my expectations much lower.

Congratulations, Congress (and Mr. President), you succeeded where al-Qaeda failed. I have given up. I have no governmental representation. I can only choose from among knaves and fools who don't give a shit about me or the country.

To quote from my earlier post: fuck all y'all.

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