Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roseanne on Charlie Sheen

First Kirk Cameron, now Roseanne. Have I gone stupid for TV stars? Maybe. But I liked Roseanne's eponymous series, whereas I had no use for the inanities of Cameron's show. Roseanne had some bite to it.

At any rate, she was asked to weigh in on Charlie Sheen's troubles, and she has done so in a New York magazine piece.
... it was assumed that I know a thing or two about starring on a sitcom, fighting with producers, nasty divorces, public meltdowns, and bombing through a live comedy tour. I have, however, never smoked crack or taken too many drugs, unless you count alcohol as a drug (I don’t). But I do know what it’s like to be seized by bipolar thoughts that make one spout wise about Tiger Blood and brag about winning when one is actually losing.
If you're on the fence about Roseanne as a person, if you can't decide whether she has the biggest ego this side of Donald Trump or is the most maligned celebrity since Fatty Arbuckle, this article won't help. You can read into it bitter self-aggrandizement or saddened, unjustified martyrdom. My personal take is, she still has issues to work out. I won't get into whether she's telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth: I doubt I'll ever know.

I think she has an insight into Sheen that most of us don't. I don't care about that, though. I found her reflections on herself to be more interesting.

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