Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Links before I sleep

A few links to stories that I found interesting, sans (much) comment:
  • "May 21: The Rapture Meets My 40th Birthday", Maud Newton

    Posted on 19 May. A discursive reflection on "Rapture Readiness," a family history of iconoclasm and preoocupation with the Bible, aging, and the writer's bemused relationship to organized religion.
  • "Here We (Don't) Go Again: Revisting [sic] the Millerites in Light of 5/21/11", Kathryn Schulz

    Another pre-21 May blog entry, this one focusing on the End of Days prediction made by William Miller in the 19th century. Schulz describes how Miller and his followers explained away their error, all the while cautioning us not to be too smug because everyone employs the same blame-deflecting strategies.
  • "The Dark Arts", Sarah Ellison

    Voice mail hacking by the British media, and the apparent conspiracy between News Corp and Scotland Yard to hush up the extent of this illegal activity.
  • "Keys to the cloud castle"

    A brief overview of the secret-keeping strategies available to those who use cloud-based storage, with special attention to the accusation that Dropbox misled its users as to what strategy it used to secure their data.

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