Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time to fire Kim Davis

That Kentucky court clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, Kim Davis, is still at it, even after a federal judge's court order. The judge stayed his order while she appeals, but even if he hadn't she probably still would have defied him.
"This is not something I decided because of this decision that came down," Davis testified in federal court last month. "It was thought-out and, you know, I sought God on it."
I'm sure she did. The thing is, this country kind of runs on the principle that government and God are separate. Davis doesn't seem to have thought about how she'd feel if, to borrow the far right's current bugaboo, a devout Shiite made decisions on what laws to enforce based on her reading of the Koran. This is blindingly obvious to me, and probably to you, but not, it seems, to Davis.

Anyway, Davis is entitled to believe what she likes, but she isn't entitled to a job. I wrote about her several weeks ago. I even addressed her directly (because I'm sure she reads this blog):

Since you can't bring [yourself] to follow the law, you have forfeited the right to hold your job. The rest of us would respect you more if you'd simply quit.
Yeah, so much for that hope. She's not going to quit. She needs to be fired.

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