Monday, August 10, 2015

Stop freaking out about Trump

Isn't it obvious he's trolling us?

Trump's in it for his ego. He wouldn't know what to do with the Presidency if it dropped into his lap. These two reasons explain why he says something offensive and/or appallingly ignorant every twenty-four hours without fail: it simultaneously keeps him in the spotlight while ensuring he will never, ever gain the GOP nomination. (He won't run as a third-party candidate, either.)

A few earnest pundits insist that Trump's consistent strength in the polls means he represents a lot of people out there. We can't ignore those people, these pundits insist.

Why not?

Come on. Indulging those people would be like indulging a four-year-old's demand for matches. We don't do that. We aren't going to let Trump's fans have their way, either.

It's summer. Enjoy the sun. Have a cold drink. And don't feed trolls.

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