Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tangential thoughts on Indiana's RFRA

While it's a good thing that so many people want to punish Indiana (via economic boycott) for passing this unnecessary and stupid law (fix or no fix), the hurt is also landing on the communities within the state that have spoken out against it. That's unfortunate.

Different thought: does it bother anyone else that it seems to have been big corporations that have exerted the most negative pressure? Not just in Indiana, either: Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson's refusal to sign his state's RFRA bill (before "fixes" were made) is widely believed to have been due in large part to the opposition of Walmart, and Arizona governor Jan Brewer is believed to have vetoed Arizona's "religious rights" bill last year in no small part because big businesses, including the NFL, threatened to pull out of their business dealings with the state.

If big business doesn't weigh in, do the concerns of the citizenry matter?

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