Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stop legitimizing the Bible

Chris Sosa makes an excellent point:
... there's an incredibly good reason LGBT folks and their allies should agree with anti-gay Christians that the Bible condemns them: if we bother arguing that the Bible supports us, we're conceding its validity as a moral text. And once we free ourselves from its shackles, fundamentalists can just use it to abuse the next minority group unfortunate enough to stumble across their path.
It's the idolizing of the Bible as holy text that allows authoritarians like Roy Moore to demean the job of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court by bending civil law to suit the Bible. Whether he and his ilk are right or wrong in their interpretation of the text is irrelevant. He's not supposed to be letting it guide his work. Nor is Sen. James Inhofe. Nor is a host of other elected officials.

Stop playing their game. Stop pretending the Bible is so important to our civic life.

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