Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is The Daily Show becoming dispensable?

Tonight I saw a Daily Show correspondent's report that I could easily have done without. It wasn't just uneven: that's a common failing of the pieces. No, Jordan Klepper's piece skewering Gawker was irritating.

Part of the problem was that the subject was boring. We already knew Gawker and its ilk were bottom-feeders: the report didn't say anything new. Worse, though, the report wasn't funny, either. Whoever wrote the piece went for obvious, easy and flat jokes. The innocent bystanders (especially the eminent cancer researcher) were just that, innocent, and didn't deserve the ridicule they faced merely for allowing themselves to appear on camera.

Jon Stewart's commentary segments are still sharp and funny, but the correspondents and interviews are no longer compelling. I wonder if we're seeing the start of the show's decline.

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