Saturday, May 24, 2014

Questions for open-carry fans

In light of negative responses to fans of open-carry laws attempting to "sensitize" the rest of us to guns being openly carried in public, I can't help feeling, "Shouldn't you guys have seen this coming?"

However, being not opposed to private gun ownership philosophically but completely opposed to the in-your-face tactics of some gun owners, I have to ask fans of open-carry laws:

How the hell are the rest of us supposed to distinguish between you and the assholes who are planning to rob the local jewelry store?

How the hell are the cops supposed to distinguish between "the good guys with guns" and "the bad guys with guns"?

Do you guys understand just how dangerous the world you seek to create really would be?

It sure as hell doesn't seem like you've thought past the end of your nose about how your Second Amendment absolutism will change society as a whole if the rest of us give into you.

For Christ's sake, guys, stop and think about what you're doing.

Maybe if you showed a modicum of good sense, the rest of us wouldn't be so horrified by you and your tactics.

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