Friday, May 9, 2014

A lesson for North Korea

In a tirade, North Korea's Central News Agency called President Obama "a monkey".

That's just sad.

NK acts like its insults mean something in polite company. Ehh, not really. You want your gibbering to hurt? Build a time machine and go back a century.

NK, you desperately want attention. We get that. But you should take a lesson from Boko Haram. Kidnap a few hundred girls, threaten to sell them on the open market, and boom! Instant world attention.

Oh, but BH kidnapped Nigerians. That makes it largely a Nigerian internal matter. You guys could kidnap a bunch of North Korean girls, but judging by the blind eye the world has turned to your existing human rights abuses, the BH tactic wouldn't cut it for you. You guys would have to kidnap non-North Koreans — and if you did that it wouldn't be so much "attention-getting" as "war-mongering".

I guess there's no lesson for you guys after all. Well, other than "you're kind of pathetic".

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