Sunday, July 1, 2012

Apple owes me an apology

Actually, Apple Inc. owes me two apologies. (And I believe I'm correct in omitting the comma that would ordinarily precede "Inc.") Here follow the company's offenses.
  1. Apple, through its iTunes Music Store, has knowingly and with ... well, perhaps not malice, but certainly with calculated indifference to my welfare made it too easy for me to give in to my baser, less evolved impulses and purchase pop music singles that I will regret in ten years' time just as surely as I regret buying that insipid Hanson song "Mmmbop" back in the day.
  2. Apple, through its on-by-default spelling-correction service in iOS, has knowingly and with calculated indifference to everyone's welfare enshrined "it's" as the only spelling of "i", "t", and "s", with or without an apostrophe, that inadequately educated people recognize as correct.
I await satisfaction.

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