Monday, January 4, 2016

The far right's debasement of "freedom"

It shouldn't surprise anyone, and it doesn't surprise me, that a bunch of armed dumbasses decided to "occupy", i.e., take over, a federal building in Oregon. The building isn't a big one by anybody's standards, nor did these dumbasses physically hurt anyone when they entered: nobody was at work at the time. That the dumbasses haven't taken over a major hub of activity and no blood has been shed, though, doesn't change the fact that these dumbasses have committed, in Charles P. Pierce's straightforward words, "an act of armed sedition against lawful authority".

They talk a lot about "freedom", these people do. What they never talk about is the responsibility that goes with freedom. Not just the responsibility to "protect" freedom with force, the only kind of responsibility they understand, but the responsibility to respect other people's freedom. "Freedom", in the cant of the far right, is only the freedom for them to act as they like.

Yo, "occupants" of that Oregon shack: you're not getting the rest of us to buy into your horseshit "revolution". The kind of country you want isn't a country, it's a bunch of tiny villages. You bray about "freedom" but what you mean is, you want to do whatever the fuck you want. You are, in short, exasperating children who were never taught what it means to be part of a community.

That you never learned how to get along with others is tragic. However, it doesn't excuse your armed temper tantrum. We put threats to the general welfare in jail. That's where you belong.

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