Friday, June 17, 2016

McCain's bitterness

Obama's responsible for the Orlando massacre. That's what John McCain originally said. Then he said he misspoke.
"I did not mean to imply that the president was personally responsible. I was referring to President Obama’s national security decisions, not the president himself."
A distinction without a difference.

Why did McCain drag Obama into the blame game in the first place?

"Because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama’s failures, utter failures."
I had a longer post ready, but it would have been a waste of your time because we all know that McCain's talking out of his ass:
  • We got out of Iraq because the country finally figured out our occupation wasn't ever going to make the country (or the region) better.
  • We got into Iraq because George W. Bush wanted to invade, not because the invasion was in the national interest.
"ISIS is what it is today" because George W. Bush destabilized Iraq. That's the reality that McCain is at pains to repudiate. But denial ain't just a river in Egypt, Senator.

(There's also the not so little matter of our not really knowing if the Orlando mass murderer was genuinely motivated by ISIS, or was just mentally ill. See my previous post. But hey, McCain can't be bothered by little things like uncertainty about the facts.)

Senator, your wanton, ill-considered statements don't constitute serious, insightful criticism. They're petty and bitter and out of touch with reality.

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