Saturday, May 7, 2016

The New York Times' misplaced Tr(i)ump(halism)

"Republican Party Unravels Over Trump's Takeover".

"Ryan-Trump Breach May Be Irreparable".

"Clinton Moves to Win Over Anti-Trump Republicans".

Looks bad for Teh Donald, doesn't it?

Yeah, no.

It's the 7th of May. Election Day is the 8th of November. That's six very long months away.

Trump's an emptyheaded bigot, serial liar, and all-around raging asshole who enjoys kicking people when they're down, but he's also a master at getting attention and sliming his opponents. Like a parrot, Teh Donald knows how to repeat his refrains, and six months is long enough for his bullshit to become the accepted wisdom in undecided voters' minds. His strength unfortunately coincides with Hillary Clinton's greatest weakness, her inability to convey honesty.

The Times' misplaced triumphalism, if it's shared by enough dumb Democrats or lazy independents, is going to blow up in its face.

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