Sunday, January 17, 2016

Standoff debases gun rights

The longer the seditionist standoff keeps up in Oregon, the more those thugs with guns mess up carefully preserved land.

If I'm representative of those who don't fetishize weapons — and you better believe I am — then these assholes' defiance of federal law bodes ill for gun rights. The argument for gun ownership always has had a strong undercurrent of "just in case the feds ...", but every moment these dipshits hare around in their trucks and trash offices, taunting law enforcement by waving their guns around, diminishes the "just in case" argument. Now the rest of us are wondering when "just in case" will turn into "look, it happened!" I would love for the feds — and the state police, and the local sheriff, and NATO if it wants — to roll in and perhaps over these nitwits.

These rebels without a clue are discrediting the contention that "most gun owners are responsible", and they're discrediting it more thoroughly than all of the mass shooters in recent history. You could say the mass shooters were mentally ill, but the intemperate man-children "occupying" the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon are just arrogant and selfish. They're stupid, yes, but not mentally challenged.

Now, we don't and probably can't keep guns completely out of the hands of stupid people. However, now that we have irrefutable evidence not all gun owners are responsible people, the staunch protectors of gun rights (other than the profit-minded gun lobby) should be more willing to acknowledge that the rest of us need greater protection from the willfully stupid and selfish. Willfully stupid and selfish cretins like those who've taken a wildlife refuge from us.

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