Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cosby is cooked

If Bill Cosby is still in your good books for some reason, it's time to write him off. As the headline in the Hollywood Reporter piece puts it, "Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals He Gave Women Quaaludes for Sex".

A man who screwed as many women against their will as he did is the last one who should have been lecturing us about declining morality, but that's exactly what Cosby did. Talk about hubris. (Deliciously, the judge who released the deposition transcript cited Cosby's voluntary assumption of "the mantle of public moralist" in ruling that Cosby didn't qualify for as much privacy as an ordinary private citizen.)

An actor who has missed out on awards for specific roles is sometimes, as (partial) compensation, given an "honorary" award for "the totality" of his work. Cosby deserves an "honorary" prison term, both as (partial) compensation for all the jail sentences he missed out on, and in recognition of "the totality" of his sexual abuse. This "honor", of course, would include very real time behind bars.

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