Friday, December 5, 2014

"Why Poor People Stay Poor", Linda Tirado

Slate excerpted a section of Linda Tirado's new book, Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America (no link because there's no seller I care to promote).

I don't disagree that individual initiative and self-discipline are needed to improve one's lot. However, what frustrates me is how many who preach that gospel think that's all you need. It's not. Lifting yourself up by your bootstraps has always required resources to make your gumption pay off, and the days when those resources came from the wilderness (i.e., essentially for free and solely by the sweat of your brow) are long gone for most of us. I can't emphasize strongly enough how much you need to read this excerpt, if not the full book, if you're inclined to wax sanctimonious about the "sinful" or "lazy" poor.

As Tirado makes amply clear, "It actually costs money to save money."

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