Friday, October 17, 2014

No, he can't

Professor Sophia A. McLennen's piece in Salon (I relapsed and checked it out today) is "Bill O'Reilly finally admits it: I'm really obnoxious!". The title says it all. But McLennen (and apparently Jon Stewart) wants more from Bill:
Maybe this exchange with Stewart will lead him to come out as a rational human being. Stewart closed the interview saying, “You, Bill O’Reilly, can lead the flock of the Fox faithful to a better place.”
Yeah, um ... no. One guy isn't going to counteract Fox News' relentless anxiety-inducing, "other"-demonizing propaganda.

Anyway, he's not even going to try. O'Reilly's not about to bite the hand that feeds him. He made his peace with who he is (or plays) a long time ago.

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