Sunday, January 12, 2014

The neverending race

In spite of experience, I still regularly peruse the new-story listings on Yahoo!'s home page. Today, in addition to the usual spate of breathless "you won't believe this" teasers, sports news, celebrity buzzing, and ads masquerading as stories (somehow I'm just not curious enough to find out why the razor industry is running scared of this one guy), I saw a piece about TV pilots that have been ordered for next season.

Next season.

Um, has anyone noticed — this one isn't over yet?

The midseason pilots haven't had a decent chance to underwhelm us. Yet somebody's already flogging what we might (or more likely might not) see in eight or nine months.

Last week there was a breathless "forget 2014, here are the 2015 movies to watch!" piece (which I ignored).

I believe in looking to the future, but not like this.

It'd be a good thing for our collective blood pressure and sanity if the professional hype industry suffered a major downturn and these folks were forced to find real, useful work.

Meanwhile, ignore them. Try living in the present.

The future will be here soon enough.

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