Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why your recorded voice sounds different to you

A few weeks ago I blogged about recording our voices (as opposed to making full audio-video recordings, which we do frequently). I speculated that one of the reasons we don't record our own voices is that most of us hate the end result.
In my experience, people hate the sound of their own voices. They sound unnatural to themselves. (My guess is that our voices sound a lot warmer in our heads due to bone conduction.)
That was only my guess, though it was based on what I thought I'd read somewhere a long time ago. I was pleased to discover that my memory hadn't failed me, at least if this mental_floss piece by Matt Soniak is to be believed. Essentially, "your bones enhance deeper, lower-frequency vibrations and give your voice a fuller, bassier quality that’s lacking when you hear it on a recording".

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