Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diagnosing a sales slump

I ran across a fascinating set of blog entries by Paul Downs, who owns a cabinet-making (and now, conference table-making) business near Philadelphia. Earlier this year he discovered his sales were decreasing quarter by quarter, often month by month. It took him five months to figure out what was going wrong and to reverse the trend. The first entry sets the stage; each entry links to the next in the series.

Downs provided a great explanation not only of Google's AdWords product, but also of his own thought processes as he analyzed his business's problem. He offhandedly mentioned that the story of everything he tried to turn his slumping sales around would take a book; if he writes it, I predict it will be well worth reading.

(If you want a quick list of all his entries on this subject, here's a search link.)

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