Monday, August 8, 2011

Murdoch as godfather

Courtesy Daring Fireball, a pointer to an AdWeek article by Michael Wolff about the Murdoch empire's resemblance to the Mafia.
It’s all about the organization. It’s an organization all about doing what Rupert wants you to do, or doing what you imagine Rupert wants you to do, or doing what you imagine your boss imagines Rupert wants done. There are few companies as large as News Corp. that are so devoted and in thrall to one man.
(There's at least one other large company that operates that way: Apple Inc. It was curious that Gruber, of all people, didn't make that point.)

While my instinct is to mistrust pile-ons of the sort that ... well, just about everyone is indulging in at News Corp.'s expense, I can't help believing that the characteristics displayed by Fox News -- endemic, brazen hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement, most notably -- would not be tolerated were they not implicitly endorsed right up to the top level of management. I therefore have no trouble believing Wolff's withering take on Murdoch and News Corp.

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