Monday, October 25, 2010

Eric Schmidt should stay quiet

The headline is "Wary of Google Street View? Move, CEO says." Yet the article says things weren't quite so clear-cut.
During an appearance on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer,” previewed on, the Google chief responded to questions about personal data the company collects, including images of private homes presented on Street View.

“Street View, we drive exactly once,” Schmidt said, referring to the vehicles mounted with cameras sent out to take photos for the service. “So, you can just move, right?” After a brief, subsequent exchange with co-host Kathleen Parker, Schmidt laughed, making it unclear whether the remark was made in jest.
You could take MarketWatch to task for downplaying the ambiguity of the original statement. Or you could take note that this wasn't Schmidt's first stupid remark. In some respects, MarketWatch can't be faulted for casting Schmidt in a poor light: his serial stupid remarks invite us to think the worst of him.

What's that, Eric? You meant it as a joke? Avoid open-mike nights, then, because your delivery stinks.

If I were a Google shareholder, I'd insist he either trade in his brain or keep his yap shut.

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