Friday, July 2, 2010

Steele on Afghanistan

RNC chairman Michael Steele's claim that the conflict in Afghanistan was a "war of Obama's choosing" is arguably the worst underestimation of the collective recall and intelligence of the public that any Washington politico has made in recent memory. Dana Perino and Rudy Giuliani have both tried to burnish Bush 43's time in office by falsely claiming that the country was safer in that time than it is now, and let's not get into Dick and Liz Cheney's nightmarish surrender to terror in the name of fighting terrorism (yes, it's such a good idea to live in mortal fear of terror because that's exactly what the terrorists don't want us to do -- geez, how bereft of vision and genuine love of the country's ideals do you have to be to embrace such a counterproductive and self-defeating strategy as that?), but Steele's idiotic remark could only be accepted at face value by people whose only functional brain component is the medulla oblongata.

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